Company Profile

Himalaya Corporation Ltd. is established premier real estate developer company. Customers have trusted us to deliver innovation and excellence in a broad variety of fields. India has a great opportunity to work in the field of real estate. By considering this fact, Himalaya Corporation Ltd. developed some benefit plans and revolutionary models, which provide benefits to all people. Himalaya Corporation Ltd. brings the group philosophy to the real estate industry by continually raising its performance and thereby remaining the most professional, reliable & accomplished company in the country.

Himalaya Corporation Ltd. is firmly committed to provide excellence in everything it does. The management takes this promise seriously and drives its organization all steps of operations. The company has thorough procedures for forecasting the potential of location which is lead by team of highly qualified managers with years of experience in the real estate industry.

Himalaya Corporation Ltd. works with best landscape architects & project managers to bring life to the project. Company surpasses international standards in everything it does. All the systems & basic infrastructure employed by the organization are calibrated to match the best available in real estate industry.

Himalaya Corporation Ltd. has become a highly successful business due to a simple philosophy, reliability & excellence of service with optimal utilization of resources available in real estate industry.

Himalaya Corporation Ltd. believes in constant improvement and sees enormous opportunities for growth in the coming years. India's booming economy is dramatically increasing the need for quality real estate creation & development. Company is now ideally situated to build on its successful beginning by leveraging gained brand image to achieve exponential growth.